Ice blotching gently


Live Feed

Erin Shirreff, still from 'Live Feed' (2007) snitched from Frieze

Mineral Spirits

Anne Chu and Matthew Monahan @ Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia

Cyprien Gaillard

Entre vandalisme et esthétique minimale, romantisme et Land Art, son travail de Cyprien Gaillard interroge la trace de l’homme dans la nature de façon iconoclaste.


Shore Foam

Chantal Crousel is presenting here in sculptural form a work of Allora & Calzadilla. This ephemeral froth stands as the remains of something that has come to pass, frozen in time, with the final balance of the scale left undetermined.

Occupying the main space of the gallery floor is 'Scale of Justice Carried by Shore Foam', 2010, a realistic hand crafted sculpture of shore foam, on top of which is positioned a readymade "Scale ofJustice" precariously out of balance atop the turbulent crest. This mass of bubbles of gas and air is given permanent form through the use of synthetic polymer foam, a chemical substrate found in everything from household, sport, and leisure products to transportation, industrial, and military applications. The image of shore foam has come to occupy the public imaginary more prominently in recent years as a result of countless media depictions of man made catastrophes from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to the now annual flooding worldwide caused by global warming. With these ecological events cutting across national and territorial borders, the scale of justice has become an object of explicit struggle.


Willamette Meteorite


Cosmic Readymade

Four thousand years ago, a meteorite shower took place in a region of Northern Argentina. The original inhabitants of this area named the region Pinguem Nonraltá, which means Field of the Sky in the Guaycurú language. El Taco, which weighed 1998 kg, is a fragment of an 800-ton iron mass, older than Earth itself, coming from the Asteroid Belt located between Mars and Jupiter. Discovered in 1962 by a farmer plowing his fields, the meteorite was retrieved by a joint scientific expedition between the U.S.A. and Argentina. It was then officially presented to the Smithsonian Institution. Since the North-American scientists lacked precise technology to section large specimens, the meteorite was shipped to the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, Germany. El Taco was divided in two halves through a critical cutting procedure that took more than a year. Since then, one part has been located at Washington's Smithsonian Institution, the other one in Buenos Aires's Planetarium.

After almost forty-five years, the two main masses of El Taco will be reunited in Germany for the first time, at this Faivovich & Goldberg exhibition, a step in their journey toward dOCUMENTA (13), where a future stage of their project A Guide to Campo del Cielo will take place in 2012.


Lake Shikotsu Ice Mounds

Chitose Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival

Chitose-Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival, just outside Sapporo is all about forming ice while it is still young, before it becomes something menacing such as black ice on the road. Ice crystals are tamed into shimmering ice structures that glow from within by using colored lights. At night this creates a fairy-tale atmosphere featuring these semi-sculptured snow blobs and monoliths.

They start designing the ice festival in November, when they build metal frames to make the structures such as the ice buildings. As soon as the temperature drops below freezing, a sprinkler system takes water from Lake Shikotsu and sprays it over the metal frames, creating layers and layers of new ice.


St Kilda Shrine

Little Grey Street, St Kilda, Melbourne


Franz West

West contributed to the expansion of the definition of sculpture as an environmental and social experience.


I Don't Know

I really don't know what this is


Poking the mound


Ziggurat Shrine

India (fresh)

Shrine for Climbers

Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina


Snow Dog


Lynn Thompson's dog outshines a mound.

Crystal Myth

by Kelly Breslin. Thank you Ricky Swallow


Heath Ceramics - handcrafting Tile and Tableware in Sausalito for over 59 years


Super Thing

Thanks Bim



Heringa/Van Kalsbeek, Netherlands