The ball of masking tape

Sarah crowEST, video still from Letting the Odd One In: Bothersome Matter Mix, 2009-2012


Sarah crowEST, Transformations of Matter, detail, 2009-2012



By Peter Buggenhout The Blind Leading The Blind #21, 2007, Household dust, hair, wood, polyurethane, foam, aluminium, polyester, polystyrene, 117 x 105 x 184 cm. From a show called The Shape Of Things To Come at the Saatchi Gallery. Thank you Jake Walker

Criatura Rojas

'The Murderer of Your Heritage' is an insane installation, created by 31-year-old Argentinian artist Adrián Villar Rojas at the Venice Biennale. Thank you Jake Walker

Looming Rock

Switzerland. Thank you Jake Walker


Boboli Gardens, Florence. Thank you Jake Walker


Boboli Gardens, Florence. Thank you Jake Walker

Boboli pastoral scene

Boboli Gardens in Florence. Thank you Jake Walker

Roman Mound

The Forum, Rome. Thank you Jake Walker